St Bega's Way and St Bega's Way Back

The short long distance walk Saint Bega's Way has been available since 2008. Now for your added delectation, Ros Downing has researched, documented, tested, and published the sequel: Saint Bega's Way Back.

So if you are looking for the original Saint Bega's Way, a three-day walk over 36 miles (58 km), from St Bees Piory, on Cumbria's coast, to St Bega's Church at Bassenthwaite, look no further.

But you may be interested in a walk back? Or just something a little longer? Or perhaps even to put them together for a serious round-trip walk?

If so, the 5 day, 50 mile (80 km) walk back from St Bega's Church to St Bees Priory Saint Bega's Way Back is what you are looking for.

Two websites in one

We have also revised the Saint Bega's Way website. It contains all the same information on St Bega's Way, and now also Saint Bega's Way Back. But after 10 years it needed an update to support new technology, such as the small-screens on mobile phones.