Celebratory Walking

Day 1

The inaugural and celebratory walking of St Bega’s Way took place over the Bank Holiday weekend 3 to 5 May, 2008.

photo 1 [The walkers gather at St Bees]

Before setting off, walkers attended a short service in St Bees Priory taken by Revd. Lars Nowen.

photo 2 [View of Uldale from Dent]

The weather was fine and dry.

Day 2

photo 3 []Setting off for Ennerdale]

On the second day, a strong wind was blowing as walkers headed for Ennerdale Water.

photo 4 [Black Sail Youth Hostel]

By lunchtime they had reached Black Sail Youth Hostel in its dramatic setting at the head of Ennerdale.

Day 3

photo 5 [At the National Trust ‘Hands’]

The final day’s more gentle walking was enjoyed in warm sunshine. Among the points of interest on this section is the National Trust wooden hands sculpture on the west side of Derwentwater.

photo 6 [The walkers at St Bega’s]

At the end of the route, walkers were welcomed with refreshments at St Bega’s Church, Bassenthwaite, after which a short service of praise and thanksgiving was led by Revd. Stephen Walker and Revd. Peter Streatfeild.

This final image is used with kind permission of Irena Grajewska to whom the copyright belongs. All other pictures are by Richard or Ros Downing.

Thanks go to Bassenthwaite Churchwarden Vic Siddall who wrote the following poem to mark the occasion of the inaugural walk:


A lady called Ros had an idea
For a walk that people could take.
It runs from St. Bees by the abbey
To St Bega’s near Bassenthwaite Lake.

It is not to be taken lightly
Or approached in a frivolous way.
No, this is for serious walkers
Who can keep tramping day after day.

But a walk like this needs researching
To produce an accurate guide,
Not just with words but with pictures and maps
And things of interest inside.

So with the help of a local artist,
Whose talent was much talked about,
A book was produced and printed
And his drawings were featured throughout.

But the plans laid by man, as the poet has said,
Even though they be of the best,
Are of nothing at all if they happen to clash
With where the Osprey chooses to nest.

The Inaugural Walk’s been completed
By a foursome hearty and true,
John Spedding, Ros Downing (the author),
Along with Verena and Sue.